Annual Report 2007-2008

Submitted by Dale Bentley
EMIG Chair


1. EMIG has an established and publishes a printed newsletter of issues and topics for art education as it relates to electronic media issues. We will be sending out an issue in February/March and in time for distribution for the 2007 NAEA New York Convention.

2. Maintained an EMIG web page @
This year our website coordinator Elizabeth Adams <> is working on an update and revamping of our website.

3. Luncheon and presentation by EMIG members at the NAEA National Convention.

This year for the 2007 National Art Education Association’s New York Convention, our guest speaker is Joanna Black, a professor from the University of Manitoba, Canada

4. EMIG has participated in the NAEA Delegates Assembly, since it’s founding in 1993. This year Debra Pylypiw, will represent EMIG at the 2007 NAEA Delegates Assembly in New York. She is also the EMIG Treasurer and Membership Coordinator.

5. We elect a slate of officers for 2006-2008

6. Initiated policy in 2005 at the NAEA Convention in Boston during the Delegates Assembly. We created a discussion forums and a listserv for our memberships and other interested issues groups.

7. We are collaborating with other issues groups in discussions and plan to publish joint statements with recommendations for NAEA policy.

• Built Environment
• Choice Based Art Education