EMIG Electronic Mail List

We now have two hundred fifty members in the EMIG on-line mail list. Topics are wide-ranging, but revolve around electronic media and educational issues.

To subscribe to the EMIG Electronic Mail List, send a e-mail message to: LISTSERV@unb.ca

In the body of your message, simply type:
"subscribe naea-emig" (your e-mail address)

Leave the subject line blank.

You should soon receive a message advising you that your subscription was submitted to the list manager. Shortly thereafter, your should receive a message welcoming you to the list and providing you with instructions for sending messages, joining in discussions, and signing off the list.

Once you have joined the list you can send your comments to everyone on the list by sending your message to:

Questions regarding the NAEA-EMIG discussion list should be directed to Anna Martin @martin213@bellsouth.net.

Thanks to Don Soucy, Anne Ryan, and the staff of C-Space at the University of New Brunswick, CA for providing access to the C-SPACE server for this list.